Quad weft hair augmentations

What are quad weft hair augmentations we hear you inquire? With our broad learning and skill in hair expansions, we feel that it’s our obligation to teach you on all that you have to think about the ultra thick, quad weft hair augmentations. Despite the fact that be careful, as we have a slight feeling that you will need to get your hair on our quad weft expansions in the wake of perusing this!

What’s so unique about the quad weft hair expansions is that there are four wefts of hair that is painstakingly sewn onto one delicate work. This gives your own particular common hair with a plenitude of additional hair to have the capacity to make thicker, more full bolts, and also voluminous haircuts. Here at Dirty Looks, we stock two sorts of quad weft hair augmentations the Bobby Glam Quad Full Head Quad Weft Hair Extensions and the HK Quad Weft.

The Bobby Glam Quad Weft Hair Extensions have fourfold the measure of hair than your normal full head set. This is super cool as it implies we can get to a great degree thick hair without having an excessive number of clasps. Also, likewise, the Bobby Glam Full Head Hair Extensions in Quad Weft, accompanies seven hairpieces, so you can envision how much hair there is! Preferably, these kind of hair expansions are extraordinary for young ladies with thick hair instead of those with better tresses, who wish to add length to their locks as opposed to volume. Be that as it may, in case you’re looking to volumize your hair only a tiny bit, at that point we recommend picking the HK Quad Weft.

Much the same as the Bobby Glam Quad Weft Hair Extensions, the HK Quad Weft is one bit of hair that has four wefts of hair created onto its delicate work with less clasps. It’s motivation is to give thickness to limp bolts and to include that additional piece of volume to the back of your head. The HK Quad Weft is an individual weft that is either bought independently or can be found in our standard arrangement of HK Full Head Hair Extensions, which makes the HK set inconceivably thick and voluminous, as well, particularly as the set contains 10 wefts. It’s accessible in two unique lengths (16-18″ and 20-22″) to suit your common hair length or whatever is left of your hair augmentations. We want to wear our own amid the day, as it’s not very thick or as exciting as the Bobby Glam Full Head Quad Weft Hair Extensions, and gives only the appropriate measure of volume to our daytime hairdos, including our most loved high bun.

Regardless of whether you pick the sharp HK Quad Weft or the at last thick Bobby Glam Full Head Quad Weft Hair Extensions, we’re certain that the Quad Weft will soon turn into a staple in your hair, particularly in the event that you cherish thick, huge, voluminous locks like us!

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